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The Math Rap by Dustin Bowers

Big Cracka D Creations!
Hey Hey we balin some hay
Callin our boy Ray
I climb up in the stadium 
Banging on my cranium
I be runnin-up the line
Up the incline
The joint of my caddy be to the point
I step on a roach
Call up my coach
When it hit da fall
We play football
Watch out for that insect
He might hit yo intersect
When we a little pain
We climb up in our plane
The scouts be knocking on my door with thinmint
On my sidewalk up the line segment
I be to my initial point!
Big Cracka D Cracking out

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year

Mod 1: Applied Geometry
11th Grade Advisory/KEY Time
Mod 2: Algebra I
Mod 3: Algebra I